All items are non-refundable and are sold as seen: the customer has signed this to agree they are satisfied with the condition, size and order. The ownership will then pass on to you, the customer, and you will be, from that date, responsible for all loss or damage to your dress.

The full balance of the dress must be paid when purchasing the dress unless deposit scheme is agreed with the store staff.

Deposit scheme is 20% of the price to be paid on the day and full balance/collection of the dress to be made within a 14 day period. Deposit will not be refunded if the dress is not collected within this time period.

All Accessories & Veils to be paid in full when purchased.

Alterations are not a service offered by the boutique but recommended suppliers are available to the brides. The boutique is not liable for any alterations made.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the price (deposit or balance) of a dress should a wedding sadly be cancelled or you change your mind about the dress.